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#6 x 3/4" Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw Zinc Plated

#6 x 3/4" Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw Zinc Plated

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Product Overview

#6-18 x 3/4" Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw Zinc Plated


Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional Material Quality: Fabricated from top-tier steel for strength and longevity.
  • Advanced Zinc Plating: Offers superior corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Innovative Phillips Pan Head Design: Minimizes cam-out and stripping risks.
  • Extensive Application Range: Ideal for automotive, construction, electronics, and artistic installations.

Detailed Specifications

Material and Measurements

  • Material: Premium grade steel, ensuring durability.
  • Screw Size: #6-18
  • Length: 3/4 inch, versatile for various material thicknesses.
  • Head Type: Phillips Pan Head, enhancing driving force.
  • Diameter: #6, suitable for a broad range of applications.
  • Thread Type: AB
  • System of Measurement: Imperial 
  • Plating: Zinc-Plated
  • Use on Sheet Metal, Plastic, or Wood

Threading and Installation

  • Threading: Fully threaded for maximum grip.
  • For Use In: Diverse environments, including moisture or chemical exposure.

Application Description
Securing Metal to Metal Joining thin metal sheets.
HVAC Installations Attaching components in HVAC systems.
Automotive Repairs Fixing parts in vehicles.
Building Ductwork Assembling air system ducts.
Mounting Electrical Boxes Fastening junction boxes to metal frames.
Installing Roofing Attaching metal roofing.
Furniture Assembly In metal furniture construction.
Gutter Repair Securing gutters and downspouts.
Fixing Appliances Assembly or repair of household appliances.
Creating Metal Artwork For metal-based artistic projects.
Outdoor Signage Attaching signs to metal frames or posts.
Window Frames Installing/repairing metal window frames.
Garage Door Repair Securing metal garage door components.
Boat Building and Repair Use in marine environments.
Metal Fencing Attaching parts of metal fences/gates.
Shelving Units Assembling metal shelving.
Installing Wall Cladding Fastening metal cladding to exterior walls.
Aerospace Applications In aircraft/spacecraft for precision.
Computer Case Assembly Securing components in computer cases.
Playground Equipment Metal playground structure assembly/repair.
Railroad Construction For railroad infrastructure parts.
Solar Panel Installation Securing solar panels to frames.
Farm Equipment Repair Maintenance/repair in agriculture.
Metal Workshops Various applications in metalworking shops.
Home DIY Projects Useful in metal-based DIY projects.


Q: Can these screws be used in marine environments?

A: Yes, the zinc plating provides protection against saltwater corrosion.

Q: Are special tools required for installation?

A: A standard Phillips screwdriver or drill bit is sufficient for secure installation.

Q: What makes this product a must-have in its category?

A: Its superior construction and versatile functionality make it a top choice.

Q: How does this product ensure user satisfaction?

A: Our commitment to quality and customer support guarantees satisfaction.

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